Fight Party is the 2021 multiplayer brawler you NEED to play

For the past few years, it feels like a number of small, independently developed multiplayer games have dominated the industry. The likes of Rocket League and Fall Guys have shown that you don’t need the biggest budget, or photo realistic graphics to create an engaging experience. Instead focusing on engaging gameplay and solid mechanics. 

Fight Party feels like the latest entry into that bracket of games. At first glance, it’s a simple brawler featuring stick characters. However, after a few play sessions, it's easy to see how much potential there is.

Having released on Steam earlier this week, the game still feels like it's in its infancy. However, the basic mechanics feel like it could soon become something special with the right community behind it. 

Considering it only costs £4 as well, it’s a game a group of friends could easily pick up. So, what is Fight Party then?

Fight Party

The best way to describe Fight Party is that it plays something like a 3D Super Smash Brothers game. Initially, the combat system seems incredibly simple. With a basic combo available on the square or X button, it’s when you start to dive further into the button combinations that you realise how much scope there is for combat. 

Your character can block, roll, jump, backwards flip and kick. You can combine several moves together to create a pretty impressive array of combos. And with good reason, as your primary goal during gameplay is to knock your opponents out or to push them off the play area. 

Fight Party provides two different ways to fight. Split Screen locally with another player, or online with up to eight other players. Online battles are havoc, with numerous players all scrambling to get the upper hand.

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The game's available maps and modes are a wild mix of straight out melee fighting, hazard-filled spaces and shifting arenas. The best mode by far is one that places all participating characters on a circular platform that shrinks over time. At the end, there’s usually a few characters left, all scrambling to claim victory with one last hit.

Weapons and Items

Fight Party also provides players with weapons and items during fights. Everything from guns through to boxing gloves can be used to gain advantage. In our playtime with the game, we found that the gun was one of the most effective weapons. Anyone who got to grips with it could dominate easily.

Items are a little more interesting, creating effects on the playing field that can damage or hinder both opponents, and your character if you aren’t careful. One of the most interesting items available is undoubtedly a miniature prison that locks players in place, making them an easy target for other players. 

The element of luck in which items and weapons you pick up makes each game feel unpredictable. Much like other popular multiplayer indie titles, Fight Party finds the perfect balance between player skill and player luck. Spend enough time playing and you’ll improve, but it’s still possible to lose through bad luck.

Future Potential

Having only released a few days ago, Fight Party still feels quite fresh on the ground. Between the number of modes and the game’s presentation, it all feels a bit rudimentary. Controller support also massively needs improving. Fight Party works with controllers, but it can be inconsistent. With time though, this scrappy multiplayer game could become something truly special. 

Considering the cost of admission is only £4, it’s got to be worth a try, right?

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