FIFA 23 Won't Install: How To Fix FIFA 23 Installation Issues

Ted Lasso standing on the touchline - FIFA 23 won't install
Credit: EA

Ted Lasso standing on the touchline - FIFA 23 won't install
Credit: EA

What can you do if FIFA 23 won't install? You've really got two options. the first is to rail at the injustices of fate, decide life is unfair and spend the rest of the day under your bed covers listening to The Smiths and eating biscuits in some nihilistic torpor. Or, you can follow our guide to fixing the problem.

The truth is, like so many FIFA 23 issues, this is one we've seen before, in both FIFA 21 and FIFA 22. So there's a very strong chance that the solutions that worked before, will also prove effective in FIFA 23. Here's our advice.

How To Fix The FIFA 23 Won't Install Issue

As we said above, this is an issue that has cropped up on previous versions of FIFA. So work through these tried and tested fixes, as these are your best hope of getting FIFA 23 to install successfully.

The first step to take is to ensure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for the game. Pay particular attention to how much space you have on your hard-drive. On PC, you'll require a minimum of 100GB. Which means you may need to free up some space before you can install the game.

Your next step is to do some internet troubleshooting. Start by checking for any server issues on the game. If the servers are down, this could account for your issue. So wait until they are back up and running before trying again.

If this doesn't resolve the issue, it's time to run through the usual network troubleshooting steps.

Check Your Internet Connection

A problematic internet connection is often a factor in issues with games. So making sure everything is working properly is an important troubleshooting step.

  • Star by running a speed test, to make sure you are getting the download speeds you might expect. If you aren't, a conversation with your ISP may be necessary.
  • Close any other apps that might be competing for bandwidth. If you were hoping to stream a 4K movie while FIFA 23 downloads and installs in the background, for example, this could be part of the issue.
  • If you're on WiFi, then switching to an Ethernet cable connection will usually translate to improved stability, reducing the risk of problems caused by an unstable conenction.

Further Steps To Try

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But we aren't done yet. Oh no. If your internet is working as expected, then there are a couple of other fixes that might be worth exploring:

  • Start by ensuring you are logged in using the correct account. If you have logged in to an account that is different to the one used to purchase FIFA 23, then it won't install.
  • It's possible that pausing the installation and then resuming it may resolve matters, if, for some reason, it has become stuck.
  • It's also important to check for any pending software updates for your console or PC. If there are any outstanding, then pause your installation, and download and install these first.
  • Finally, if you're trying to download and install the game at peak times, this could lead to servers struggling to cope with demand. So try to install the game off-peak, when demand on the servers is likely to be lower.

What Causes The FIFA 23 Installation Issues?

We've already highlighted the fact that this isn't an issue that's new to FIFA 23, having experienced similar problems with at least the last two iterations of the game.

And given the range of potential solutions, it's clear that there is a range of possible causes for this issue. Many of them are related to server or internet connectivity, which is entirely understandable. How can you install the game if you can't download it?

Beyond that, other potential causes include signing into the wrong account, a lack of space on your hard drive, or outdated software that needs to be updated before you can complete the installation.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way of identifying which specific issue is causing your headache. So work your way through the fixes we've described, until you find the one which works for you.

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