Felix Silla, movie-star and hand-gliding Ewok, dies aged 84

Close friend and fellow movie star, Gil Gerard confirmed on Friday that Felix Silla had passed away after a battle with pancreatic cancer. 

Silla was well known for several roles, including his performance as Cousin Itt in the 1960s version of The Addams Family, Twiki on Buck Rogers and as the hand-gliding Ewok in Star Wars: Episode VI - The Return of the Jedi. 

While Silla’s face was obscured in all three of his biggest roles, he brought a lot of personality to all three. Silla would star in numerous roles across his career, including playing the villain Litvak alongside Georgia Segal in The Black Bird. 

When not acting, Silla also played in a musical combo called The Original Harmonica Band.


Long-time friend and co-star, Gil Gerard confirmed Silla’s passing on Twitter yesterday (April 16).

Talking about Felix Silla, Gerard tweeted: “Felix died just a few hours ago and the only good I can draw from his passing is that he didn’t suffer any longer. I will miss him terribly, especially the great time we had at our panels. Just him telling me to  ,” go ‘ f ‘ myself”.

Although Silla did not go public with his illness, judging by Gerard’s tweet it would seem he battled the cancer for some time. 

Personal Life 

Silla lived in Las Vegas, after moving there in 2003. Later in life, Silla would frequent fan conventions, where he would sign lots of autographs for fans. There are already several fans which have expressed their condolences on Twitter with photos from past conventions with the star. 

Felix Silla is survived by his wife Sue, and two children Bonnie and Diana. 

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