Factorio nuclear power tutorial: Everything you need to know about set-up and blueprints for nuclear power

Nuclear power in Factorio could be considered as a game changer. It can give you some sort of game-winning strategy especially in the late game.

But before you eventually achieve that, it would take a lot of time to set-up your own nuclear power technology, as well as incorporating your blueprints to build it.

Yet just like the saying goes, everything is worth the wait. And once you hit nuclear, you're almost unstoppable in Factorio!

Here's everything you need to know about set-up and blueprints for nuclear power in Factorio:

What exactly is a nuclear power and how do you set it up?

Nuclear power debuted in the version 0.15 of Factorio. It could be harder to set-up compared to either steam boiler or solar power, but it could potentially give a higher power output.

Game Skinny listed what you need to research before setting up your nuclear power technology.

You need to start off with the Automation and Steel Processing. From Automation, it would go down to Electronics, to Advanced Electronics, and then you'll find your way to Nuclear Power. But the Steel Processing must also progress simultaneously with the Automation.

The Steel Processing would go two ways - Oil Processing and Advanced Material Processing. Oil Processing would go on to Plastics, which would be submerged with the Advanced Electronics from Automation. Advanced Material Processing on the other hand will proceed with Concrete, right before going directly to Nuclear Power.

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Collect Uranium and build your nuclear reactor

The next thing you need to do is to collect uranium ores. Use a mining drill to get those, but make sure you have sulfuric acid when using it.

Once you have it, put those in a centrifuge to get the uranium-235 and uranium-238. You'll need both to generate nuclear power.

Proceed to create the two most important things to produce nuclear power - the nuclear reactor and heat exchanger.

The recipe for the nuclear reactor requires you to have 500 of each - circuit, concrete, copper plate, and steel plate. For the heat exchanger, all you need are 100 copper plates, 10 pipes, and 10 steel plates.

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Build your nuclear power station through blueprints

Now that you'll be able to generate nuclear power, expand it by using a blueprint to create your own nuclear power station.

You'll need miners, an assembly machine, a centrifuge, steam turbines, and of course the nuclear reactor and heat exchanger to do this.

And to sustain your factory in a long run, make sure that you have a big enough supply of uranium. You can't produce nuclear energy without it, even with the tools and facilities being present.

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