Factorio cheat sheet: What is the cheat sheet, and how do you use it?

In any game, cheating is simply inappropriate. In Factorio however, this writer considers the cheat sheet for the game, not a cheating at all.

The Factorio cheat sheet is labelled as a compendium of some of the most common facts and things about the game itself.

It includes the build ratios, as well as various tips and tricks to help players on their Factorio run, alongside much more.

Here's what you need to know about the Factorio cheat sheet, and how to use it.

What is the cheat sheet?

In its literal sense, a cheat sheet contains notes for quick references.

It applies in the game of Factorio as well. It lists many facts that can be useful for players, especially on building their factories, alongside many other game elements as well.

The Factorio cheat sheet has been developed by various players ever since the game was released in 2016. This is still considered a very vital component where players can use as their reference in the game.

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How to use the cheat sheet

Well there is no direct way to use it in-game, it can be used as your reference to your journey in Factorio.

Simply head to the most popular Factorio cheat sheet and you can look for almost everything you need to know about the game.

Even if you're a beginner or already a veteran in the game, you can't deny that the cheat sheet for Factorio is considered as a must.

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