Evil ChatGPT hack gives cybercriminals an unstoppable tool

OpenAI’s text generator tool ChatGPT has been hacked. Creating a malicious evil ChatGPT, the hack has been adopted by cybercriminals to scam countless individuals and steal their data.

Combining OpenAI’s API with Telegram bots, online ne'er-do-wells are already creating realistic scambots. With complex conversational skills, these evil AI scammers could prove to be extremely troubling.

Using the API, hackers have circumvented a number of OpenAI restrictions to create their evil ChatGPT. These include removing restrictions on creating phishing emails and malware programs that are used to steal data and blackmail people.

According to cybersecurity firm Check Point Research, the hackers have completely circumvented OpenAI’s anti-abuse security. This means that the hackers can overrule restrictions on content generation.

The Evil ChatGPT bots are currently being sold by cybercriminals online. Sellers advertise a free “20 query” trial and then add on a $5.50 charge every 100 queries. Furthermore, multiple sellers of AI-powered Telegram bots are popping up in the face of this development. 

OpenAI has implemented a number of restrictions for casual use of ChatGPT. In fact, American conservatives have complained about the service, calling it “woke” as it refuses to generate misinformation based on popular far-right conspiracy theories. For example, Donald Trump winning the last election.

These restrictions have been put in place due to the dangers of an unrestricted AI program. At the level of quality of ChatGPT, removing these restrictions would result in a horde of realistic-looking disinformation being generated en masse.

Misinformation with AI is already a widespread issue. Artificial internet programs from tech giants such as Meta have created wholly false scientific essays that not only support racial biases but attribute real-life scientists to them.

Hopefully, OpenAI will be able to address the evil ChatGPT bots and stop its API from being abused. With the service becoming fastest internet tool to hit 100 million users, it’s popularity is unparalleled.

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