EU Legislation wants universal charger this September despite Apple's pleas

According to a new report, the EU will push for a universal charger standard connection for mobile phones from this September. The EU has actively pursued universal chargers for some time, creating a world in which all mobile phones use the same connection type. It makes a lot of sense as it not only cuts down on waste, but also means finding a charger will be easier. 

Apple, who has always typically relied on proprietary technology to produce expensive chargers, is of course against the move. The majority of the mobile phone industry relies on only a few charge ports, including USB-C and micro-B connectors. Apple uses the lightning cable across its library of products. 

Universal Charger

The legislation, which Reuters reports the EU will present next month, will look to bring one charging type to 27 countries within the EU. An EU executive is currently penning the legislation, which could drastically change the way the technology industry works. The topic was previously discussed last year when lawmakers in the Europeans Parliament voted in favour of the change. The vote surmised that a common charger would not only be better for consumers, but also better for the environment. 

Apple will publicly criticise the bill. Likely pushing the idea of a common charger would “hurt innovation and create a mountain of electronic waste". This is an interesting stance considering reports last year found that Apple were ‘dodging their environmental waste responsibilities’. This is ultimately a move that will affect the businesses bottom line, allowing consumers better access to cheaper alternatives. 

There are no confirmations what the charger type might be. However, a study conducted by the European Commision in 2018 found that 50% of users had a micro-usb connection, 29% had USB-C and 21% had a lightning connection. Three years later USB-C is now one of the most common charging ports. It's likely any universal charger will most likely follow the most commonly adapted used charger.

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