What does 405 Method Not Allowed mean?

Web browser's address bar

Web browser's address bar

Are you being hit with an error message saying 405 Method Not Allowed? These messages can rarely be bothered to explain themselves so we’ve come up with this guide to let you know what this issue means.

Though surfing the internet has become such an integral part of our lives, the experience is far from perfect. To this day, the apps and programs we use every day for work and school can encounter errors like #DIV/0 or 0x8007045d.

But, if it’s error 405 that’s keeping you from doing whatever task you have at hand, then let’s go ahead and find out what it means.

Error 405 being displayed on a browser
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What does Error 405 Method Not Allowed mean?

Error 405 is an error message that pops up on your internet browser when you perform an action that isn’t recognized or allowed by the web server. It’s an HTTP response status code similar to the infamous Error 404 message.

Though these error messages may look similar to each other, what prompts them to appear are quite different. Error 404 pops up when trying to access a webpage that doesn’t exist while 405 appears when a page does not recognize what you are trying to do.

But despite having different causes, they do sure a common solution. The best way to avoid Error 405 is to make sure you are entering a valid URL into the address bar. If the problem persists, you can also try uninstalling certain plugins that may be on your browser.

Error 405 variations

While the message that appears for error 405 usually says “405 Method Not Allowed”, you may receive other variations of it. Here are the different ways Error 405 may be displayed on your browser:

  • HTTP Error 405 – Method Not Allowed
  • HTTP 405 Method Not Allowed
  • 405 Not Allowed
  • Method Not Allowed
  • HTTP Error 405

That wraps up our guide on what the 405 Method Not Allowed error message means. If you’re having trouble with your gaming consoles, we’ve also got guides on how to fix PS4 error code SU-42118-6 and Xbox error code 8015d000.

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