EON Gaming’s XBHD Xbox HDMI adapter gets a glorious Halo makeover

A green EON Gaming XBHD Xbox HDMI adapter in the back of a Halo: Special Edition OG Xbox surrounded by Halo games

A green EON Gaming XBHD Xbox HDMI adapter in the back of a Halo: Special Edition OG Xbox surrounded by Halo games

The brilliant OG Xbox HDMI adapter by EON Gaming is back with a new lick of paint and a cheaper price tag. The XBHD Spartan Edition, this gorgeous new version of the awesome HDMI adapter brings offers a Halo makeover for devout fans.

In our XBHD review last year, we looked at EON’s newest retro HDMI adapter and loved it. While some have reported brightness issues, our experience with the adapter has been nothing but pleasant, although its hefty $189.99 pricetag was a bit steep.

With the XBHD Spartan Edition, EON has slashed the price of its HDMI adapter by $50. Priced at $149.99, the new version of the device is cheaper, better and obviously cooler with its new Halo: Combat Evolved Green plastic chassis.

EON’s creators explained that the new look is inspired by the team’s history of Halo LAN parties. (Hey, check out our XBHD interview with the crew to find out more about the company’s origins.)

“We have so many amazing memories of entire weekends gathered around TVs for split-screen Halo Lan Parties,” said EON Gaming co-founder Justin Scerbo. “We built the XBHD to both recreate and streamline those awesome nights. Between the ongoing efforts to fine-tune the XBHD since launch, the gorgeous new Spartan Edition riffing on the classic Halo Edition Xbox, and the new price point, we cannot wait to see the device in more players’ hands.”

While there are a number of ways to bring your old Xbox into the current era, EON Gaming’s XBHD adapter is one of my personal favourites, especially if your console is modded. The team has also done some fantastic work on other consoles including the GCHD GameCube adapter and the Super64 for Nintendo 64.

For those who want to get the most out of their OG Xboxes, this is the tool for you. It's also the coolest tool ever for Halo fans. I am drooling!

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