How to solve Enshrouded Sun Temple puzzles

Enshrouded Sun Temple puzzles - A beast on four legs

Enshrouded Sun Temple puzzles - A beast on four legs

Wondering how to solve the Enshrouded Sun Temple puzzles? Embervale's Sun Temples present a series of captivating challenges for brave adventurers in Enshrouded.

These temples, scattered across the vast open-world landscape of the game, hold treasures that are guarded by enemies. In this guide, we'll take you through how to solve Enshrouded Sun Temple puzzles.

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Enshrouded Sun Temple puzzles solution

Enshrouded Sun Temple puzzles - Three enemies in a circle
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There are five Enshrouded Sun Temple puzzles that you need to solve one after another. Make sure you're prepared with essential items such as Lockpicks, Shroud potions, and ranged weapons before starting, and we'll guide you through the rest!

South Sun Temple

You'll find the first of the Enshrouded Sun Temple puzzles at the southern end of the map, east of Low Meadows Ancient Spire and south of Smothering Pit. To reach it, navigate around the Shroud to reach the temple's entrance facing east.

Inside, you'll find a series of glowing runes on the floor. Step on the second tile, move forward, then go right until you hit a wall. After that, move forward until you're on the second-to-last tile. Next, go left two tiles, then move forward to reach the door.

In the next room, you'll be accosted by three level 30 skeletons upon entering. After killing them all, preferably with arrows, you'll find the second puzzle where you need to hit four hidden platers with a bow and arrow. The first two are at the center. Use your grappling hook for the third, and find the last upstairs.

Now for the third section, where you'll need to use grappling hook swings to reach the top of the rocky wall. It will take three swings and a glider at the very end. Now, you can press a button inside the final chamber to unlock the central doors and claim your reward.

Shatterbone Sun Temple

The Shatterbone Sun Temple is situated east of the South Sun Temple, with a rocky passage connecting the two. You'll need to press three buttons to unlock the door, with two being close by, and the third one above the entrance.

After defeating the level 30 skeletons which attack you immediately after entering, ascend to the second floor, which needs four buttons to unlock. You can use your bow and arrow to hit them.

  • First button: Center of second floor, accessed through a window after climbing a broken cabinet.
  • Second button: Right of the first, on an exterior balcony.
  • Third button: Right of stairs leading downstairs, on a balcony.
  • Final button: Behind a bookcase to the left of the locked entrance.

Now, you just need to reach the top of the temple, ignoring the dragons, to get your chest.

East Sun Temple

East of Kindlewastes Ancient Spire, across the Shroud, is the East Sun Temple. You'll need to combat enemies amidst Shroud-covered areas, so make sure to bring your Shroud potions along.

Turn right on the first Shroud level, and defeat the enemies there. You'll find two buttons at the bottom of both of the staircases on the sides, which you need to hit to solve the first puzzle.

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On the second floor, you'll need to clear more enemies, and then take a left where you'll find Banshees. Deal with them and take a right to defeat some knight. There's a button at the top that you need to hit, and another on the second path.

Just be careful of the electrical traps around the second button, and you should be well on your way to get the reward, which is the Forsaken bow.

North Sun Temple

You can find the North Sun Temple beyond Umber Hollow, near Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire. Enter the Sun Temple through the left opening, then descend the stairs. You'll need to activate two buttons to open a door.

The first button is on the left. After dealing with bandit guards, you can reach the second floor where another button awaits beyond a previously locked door.

In the adjacent room, clear out bandits and look for four switches, which you need to toggle as follows:

  • Rightmost switch near the door: Down
  • One further inside: Up
  • Closest left switch: Up
  • Farthest left switch: Down

Now all you need to do is avoid the lightning traps to reach the treasure chest at the temple's end.

Haunted Sun Temple

You'll find the last of the Enshrouded Sun Temple puzzles south of Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire, amidst Brittlebush. Make sure to carry some Shroud Survival flasks and be well-prepared as you'll fight bandits at the exterior, and some Knights inside.

To unlock the last chamber, locate and press two buttons after descending the stairs and unlocking the first door with a lockpick. One button is atop stairs to the right, while the other is further down, hidden near mushroom walls after taking a left turn.

Defeating the boss Fell Sicklescythe is the final challenge of the Enshrouded Sun Temple puzzles. Once you have done your worst to this boss, you can unlock the last set of chests.

That's the end of our guide on how to solve the Enshrouded Sun Temple puzzles. Before you go, don't forget to check out how to unlock fast travel in Enshrouded. Also, here's a guide on the best Enshrouded builds to use.

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