How to craft Wood Planks in Enshrouded

An Enshrouded character exploring a town
Credit: Keen Games

An Enshrouded character exploring a town
Credit: Keen Games

Want to get your hands on Wooden Planks in Enshrouded? Then this guide is for you.

Enshrouded has just hit early access on Steam and has been received with overwhelming positivity by players looking to sink hundreds of hours into a big co-op survival action RPG that 16 players can partake in at the same time.

Like other survival games, the key to keeping yourself alive is crafting several useful weapons and items. To do so you'll need resources like Wood Planks, especially if you're looking to construct buildings.

So in this guide, we'll tell you everything you need to know to get your hands on Wood Planks in Enshrouded. While you're here, don't miss our guide to crafting Bronze Bars as well.

Enshrouded Wood Planks - How to craft

A forest in Enshrouded
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Credit: Keen Games
Getting your hands on Wood Planks is a must

Wood Planks need to be crafted utilising Wood Logs. To go through the process you'll need to complete the "Table Saw for the Carpenter" quest that will reward you with a table saw.

The table saw will allow you to craft Wood Planks so it's best if you tackle this quest as soon as you can. Once you do it, you'll need to get yourself a few Wood Logs.

As you might have suspected, you'll need to chop down some trees with axes. Luckily, for each Wooden Log you get, you'll be able to transform it into two pieces of Wood Plank, so the grind is at least somewhat bearable in this regard.

As for the length of the process, it'll take your table saw a minute to process each Wood Log and turn it into two pieces of Wood Plank. So if you're looking to get yourself a decent chunk of them then buckle up because you might be waiting for a while.

And that's it. For more content, check out how to get Flint Arrows in Enshrouded.

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