Is Enshrouded cross platform?

Enshrouded world in frame
Credit: Keen Games

Enshrouded world in frame
Credit: Keen Games

If you're looking for Enshrouded cross platform information, then look no further. Enshrouded is a new survival game that was released on PC on January 24, 2024.

The game features a vast and detailed world where players can craft, explore, and fight for their survival. Enshrouded can be played solo or online with friends, but what about cross-platform support? Can you play Enshrouded with your friends who have different consoles? Here is what we know so far.

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Does Enshrouded support crossplay and cross-platform?

As of now, Enshrouded does not have cross-platform support. The game is only available on PC, and there is no official confirmation on when it will be released on other platforms like PS5 and Xbox. The developers, Keen Games, have expressed interest in expanding the game to consoles, but they have not announced any release date or crossplay support yet.

This means that, for now, you can only play Enshrouded online with your friends who have a PC copy of the game. You cannot play with those who have different consoles, even if they have the same account or subscription service. This may limit the player base and the co-op experience of the game, as many gamers prefer playing on consoles or have friends who do.

However, there is still hope for cross-platform support in the future. Keen Games have stated that implementing crossplay support would be the ideal scenario when the game releases on other platforms but it's too early for them to make promises.

Does Enshrouded have cross progression?

Enshrouded may not have cross-platform progression or cross-saves either. This means that you cannot transfer your progress or save data from one platform to another, even if you use the same account or service. For example, if you start playing Enshrouded on PC and then switch to PS5 when it becomes available, you will have to start from scratch on the new platform.

This may be disappointing for some players who want to continue their adventure on different devices or platforms. However, this is not uncommon for many games, especially those that are not released simultaneously on all platforms. Cross-platform progression may also pose some technical and logistical difficulties for the developers, as they have to ensure compatibility and synchronization across different systems and servers.

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