Emotion Reading Robots unveiled at World Robot Conference

Robots understanding and having emotions has been an effective cliche for sci-fi stories, making us wonder if automatons could have souls. In a move that might make these sci-fi cliches come true, a robot that senses and responds to your emotions was recently unveiled.

These robots want to know your emotions

These new emotion-reading robots were revealed at the World Robot Conference that took place in Beijing, according to South China Morning Post. According to Li Boyang, the CEO of EX Robots, these automatons were made to improve interactions between humans and robots.

“We put more emphasis on having a better interaction between humans and robots,” said Boyang. “As well as emotional expression, we’ve found that many service sectors are particularly in need of such abilities.”

Considering all of the things that go on in the world, having robots that sense our emotions and respond isn’t the worst. Admittedly, these robots look a little scary and they might mistake our emotions for something else, so some improvements need to be made.

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Robots benefiting society

If robots that understand your emotions aren’t enough, the World Robot Conference had more to show off. Aside from the huggers, we also got robots that can do sports and one that can conduct COVID-19 tests.

According to SCMP, there were 500 robots from 139 companies, which is impressive. The fact that some of them are already so advanced that they can understand how you’re feeling is a huge accomplishment.

Will the world be ready for robots that can understand our emotions and respond accordingly? Only time will tell but here’s hoping it doesn’t start a robot apocalypse anytime soon.

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