Elon Musk reveals alt Twitter account where he acts as a child version of himself

Elon Musk reveals alt Twitter account where he acts as a child version of himself

Elon Musk reveals alt Twitter account where he acts as a child version of himself

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has accidentally revealed an alternative Twitter account where he pretends to be a child version of himself.

The newfound Twitter owner shared a picture on his profile showing his personal account to show off the platform’s subscriptions feature. However, next to his profile picture, a second, burner account was shown.

Fans and detractors of the multi-billionaire investigated the alleged burner account, finding some rather weird tweets attributed to the alleged second profile. While the account has not been confirmed to belong to the Tesla CEO, Musk has yet to deny the allegations.

Twitter users quickly discovered the account with the name Elon Test, attributed to the username “@ErmnMusk”. The profile picture appears to feature an image of a child, and reverse searching the profile comes up with zero results at the time of writing.

The alleged Elon Musk burner account was creating just weeks after the billionaire acquired the social media platform for $44 billion. On November 13th, the account made its first interaction, liking one of Musk’s own tweets about the supposed death of bots on the social media platform.

Other interactions from the profile see the alleged Elon Musk burner account responding to tweets that relate to the CEO. For example, one response simply responds “Wow!” to a positive tweet about Tesla self-driving from CNBC. The account also responds with single laughing emojis, similar to Musk’s main profile.

However, by far the weirdest part of the Twitter account, Musk-owned or not, is the fact that the account pretends to be a child version of the Tesla CEO. In one tweet, the account claims the person behind it “will finally turn 3 on May 4th!” This is the same birthday as Musk and Grimes’ controversially named child “X Æ A-12”.

Another tweet from the account explains that the person behind it isn’t old enough to go to nightclubs yet, saying: “I wish I was old enough to go to nightclubs. They sound so fun.”

The possible Elon Musk burner account also expressed a large degree of horniness that seemingly isn’t pushed on the billionaire’s public profile.

One response to a picture of Caroline Ellison, the CEO of Alamada Research, reads: “I [love heart] librarians.” Responding to another tweet, the account asks, “Do you like Japanese girls?” in a way that many have deemed to be fetishistic.

At the time of writing, Musk’s alleged burner account has over 30,000 followers. The account follows a number of controversial figures including Donald Trump, Matthew Yglesias and The Free Press. The account also follows a number of people that Musk has had public disagreements with, such as iconic horror author Stephen King.

Alongside the question of whether this account actually belongs to Elon Musk, many have wondered if the billionaire is even allowed to have a second Twitter account. Following a number of misleading tweets that manipulated Tesla’s stock prices, Musk’s tweets are supposed to be vetted, as per SEC restrictions. However, it’s not known if the SEC is aware of this second Twitter account, if it is indeed owned and used by Musk.

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