Elgato’s HDMI 2.1 capture cards may be the go-to device for content creators

An image of the Elgato 4K X capture card as a wire is about to be plugged in

An image of the Elgato 4K X capture card as a wire is about to be plugged in

The all-new Elgato 4K X is almost ready to release, giving gamers and content creators an easy to use HDMI 2.1 capture card for modern video creation. If you’ve been looking for a way to finally show off games at their peak performance, this tool is for you.

Launching at $229.99, the Elgato 4K X is a new USB capture card that allows you to record or stream gameplay footage up to 4K 120fps playback. A successor to the iconic Elgato HD60, this will be the go-to capture card for most content creators.

Alongside the standard model, Elgato is releasing a better, but more expensive model that’s designed to fit inside PCs instead of sitting alongside it. Dubbed the Elgato 4K Pro, the $279.99 version of the capture card allows for 8K 60fps passthrough with HDR support while capturing 4K 60fps footage.

The more expensive model even allows for 1440p at 240Hz HDR passthrough to your monitor or TV whilst recording 1440p 144Hz SDR, 120Hz SDR, or 60Hz HDR footage.

Elgato’s new capture cards can record or stream footage on not just Windows 10/11 and MacOS, but even iPadOS. This makes the new Elgato cards some of the most useful and versatile capture cards on the market.

Via The Verge, the Elgato 4K X and the Elgato 4K Pro are also getting ALLM passthrough support in an update. This means that those with TVs or monitors that have Game Mode support will be able to automatically trigger it when connecting the device. Alongside this, 5.1 audio support is also coming to the device.

Even compared to the latest capture cards from other companies, the new Elgato cards are some of the best capture cards around. With the company’s history of brilliant software, it’ll likely be the go-to capture solution for years to come.

The Elgato 4K X and the Elgato 4K Pro finally release on February 1, 2024. Both capture cards are currently available to order from the company’s official website.

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