Elden Ring player does a fist-only run with a Wii boxing glove

elden ring player fist only run wii boxing glove knight fighting

elden ring player fist only run wii boxing glove knight fighting

Elden Ring is hard. You'll die over and over again like in all the other FromSoftware Souls titles, but many find this challenge addicting in a landscape of open-world games crammed full of busywork. Beating these games by making it harder for yourself by using, say, a set of drums or an arcade stick to control your character has become something the community has taken to.

TikTok user 'SuperLouis64' has, however, taken the challenge to new heights after announcing that he has embarked on a run of the game wherein his character can only use their fists. The catch? His real-life fist is hooked up to a Wii boxing glove that tracks movements and he must punch for real to punch in the game.

SuperLouis64 puts how difficult this run is in perspective in a TikTok video, where he states that each in-game punch deals approximately 50 damage. Elden Ring boss Margot the Fell Omen, meanwhile, has over 4000 health. This means that he must land approximately 84 punches on the tough-as-nails boss to kill him.

Of course, this isn't as simple as it sounds and SuperLouis64 has to not only exhaust himself by punching the boss for hours on end, but he also has to use a Wii Nunchuck to dodge and control character movements in the heat of battle.

This isn’t the content creator’s only foray into weird playthroughs. SuperLouis64 is infamous for whacky challenges and inventive accessories.

For example, the TikToker infamously created a spellbook that could control his Final Fantasy XIV character. He even played Elden Ring with an array of bananas in place of a gamepad.

We can't wait to see how players will one-up the fist-only Elden Ring run, but we fear that there can't be that many interesting gimmicks left to beat a FromSoftware game with, right?

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