Elden Ring Network Status Check Failed Error: How To Fix The Network Status Check Issue On Xbox

The release of Elden Ring has seen it garner almost nothing but praise, sitting as one of the best-reviewed games on OpenCritic. But that popularity is a double-edged sword: as players clamour to experience the Lands Between, many have been running into theElden Ring Network Status Check Failed error. This issue appears to be primarily affecting players on Xbox. So without further ado, here'e everything we know.

How To Fix The Network Status Check Issue

In an update on the official @EldenRing Twitter account, the developers have confirmed that as of February 27th:

We are also pleased to report that the online issues Xbox users have been facing (e.g. "Network Status Check Failed") should now be fixed. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

But, because we don't take any chances, and know only too well that words like 'should' aren't exactly a cast-iron guarantee, there are a few tips you can try, if you find yourself still being affected by this issue.

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Possible Workarounds

One potential solution, albeit not perfect, is to play offline. This means you won't be impacted by any server-related issues. It does, however, also mean that you won't benefit from any of the online features of the game, such as co-op mode. Which could be very handy when you're facing off against a particularly difficult boss.

If you'd prefer not to be out there in the world, totally alone, then your next best steps are as follows:

  • Check that there are no issues with the Xbox Live service, or the Elden Ring servers. You can check the Xbox Live status here. The official @EldenRing Twitter feed will also let you know if there are any service issues. If there is a problem, you'll need to wait until this is resovled before trying again.
  • Try restarting your router. If possible, also use a wired connection, as this tends to be more stable than using WiFi.
  • You can also try using a different network, for example by creating a hotspot using your mobile phone.

If you try all these fixes, and still find yourself struggling, even after the developers said it should be resolved, try contacting their Support teams for further advice.

What Is The Elden Ring Network Status Check Failed Error?

The network status check failed error seems to be primarily affecting players on Xbox. When it manifests, players are unable to access Elden Ring. In certain situations, players are even booted from the game, even in the midst of playing.

The issue seems to arise predominantly when the servers are overloaded by traffic. This is perhaps an inevitable consequence of such a highly-acclaimed game, which has been the subject of hype for so long. Traffic was always likely to be enormous when the game finally launched, and it isn't a complete surprise that the servers have struggled to cope.

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The good news is that by now, the issue should be fixed for most, if not all, players. But if not, try the suggestions we outlined above, and you can enjoy being killed repeatedly by monsters. Lucky you.

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