15 must-see deals from the Early Prime Access Sale

Prime Early Access is the new sale on Amazon running from 11th - 12th October, featuring exclusive deals for Prime members.

The first of its kind, this pre-Black Friday sales event continues to make waves as it enters its final day, especially as they've packed it with loads of brilliant deals to round off the event.

But instead of reeling off countless links, we've picked out what we think are the best deals across everything from gaming accessories to brilliant tech for your home.

We've also included some helpful buying guides where you can brush up on exactly what to look for in your next purchase. Whether it's the best 4K monitors or best electric razers on a budget, you'll find everything you need right here.

US Deals

MacBook Pro 2020 with 2.0GHz Intel Core i5 - Was $1,499.00, Now $1,019.00

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Credit: Apple

What's that? Your laptop is starting to sound like a Boeing 747 taking off? Yep, mine too, but now you can upgrade to a 2020 MacBook Pro for over 30% off the list price.

There are a few on offer, with varying specs, but this one ticks most of the boxes for most people.

It features a powerful Intel Core i5 processor, a 13" Retina Display, 512GB SSD, and a solid 16GB of RAM

And let's face it...it's one beautiful-looking machine.

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SAMSUNG 32” Odyssey G5 Gaming Monitor - Was $379.99, Now $343.90

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Credit: Samsung

As far as gaming monitors go, Samsung is up there as one of the best. This monitor is great for those looking to play in WQHD in high frames per second.

It packs AMD FreeSync Premium, for tear-free on-screen movement, and also HDR10 to up the contrast and provide those 'inky blacks' that makes games and video look so good.

Pair this with one of the best ultrawide monitor arms and it should make your setup look incredible too.

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Philips Fidelio L3 Flagship Over-Ear Wireless Headphones - Was $349.99, Now $175.00

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Credit: Philips

Another huge saving from the sales, these Philips headphones are seriously impressive...

The main selling point here is that they feature active noise cancellation, but they also pack a punch when it comes to battery and charging too.

Not only that, but you get 40mm drivers which are designed to produce natural, balanced notes with a tight base and well-rounded midrange.

An amazing piece of kit and well worth jumping on now that they're cheaper.

MD Ryzen 5 5600G 6-Core 12-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor with Radeon Graphics - Was $259.00, Now $151.97

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Credit: AMD

One of the best processors out there today, and still the go-to for most PC builders.

At a massive 50% off, if you're looking to build your own gaming PC or upgrade your existing setup, now could be the best time.

6 cores and 12 processing threads, and it comes with the AMD Wraith Stealth cooler too!

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Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser - Was $99.99, Now $76.00

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Credit: Waterpik

It may look a little weird...but these are one of the products you kick yourself for not getting sooner. They are one of the best ways to 'floss' without having to grapple with the sometimes uncomfortable dental floss itself.

They're usually kind of pricey...but this may be one of the best deals we've seen yet.

This waterpik features 10 setting and 7 tips for multiple users, and with a huge 55% off you can now keep your teeth and gums in tip top shape for a fraction of the list price.

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Dreametech D9 Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner - Was $319.99, Now $221.99

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Credit: Dreametech

Look...no one like vacuuming and mopping the floor as much as I do after a hard day's work, but for the millions of people who'd rather let something else do it, your hero has arrived.

The Dreametech D9 Pro robot vacuum and mop can be left to clean your place thanks to its advanced LiDAR navigation and 4000Pa of intense suction power.

You can also control it via an app or your voice once connected to your Echo Dot. Moreover, you get a 270ml water tank plus a 570ml dust tank meaning you shouldn't have to worry about emptying it all the time.

All that for under $250...now that's a real winner.

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Braun Electric Razor - Was $149.94, Now $89.94

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Credit: Braun

These electric razors are great if you're not a fan of the more manual/ expert barber approach, or you simply have to shave more often than most.

This one from Braun in particular is a bit of a dark horse though, as it packs a ton of features that make it surprisingly high-tech.

Take its AutoSense technology for instance, which literally 'reads' your beard density and then adapts its power to mow through it with ease!

It's also 100% waterproof, so you can even use it in the shower.

An excellent deal, and an even better early Christmas gift!

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Segway Ninebot F Series Electric Kick Scooter - Was $799.99, Now $559.99

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Credit: Segway

This small but mighty machine has a top speed of up to 18.6 mph and a max range of a whopping 25 miles on a single charge.

It also should make easy work of gradients up to 20% thanks to its powerful 350W motor, so you shouldn't get stuck on your commute anytime soon.

Sure, this is a bit of an investment, but at over $200 off, we think it's one well worth considering.

UK Deals

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 10.5” - Was £219.00, Now £149.00

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Credit: Samsung

Samsung makes the list again, but this time with their affordable and powerful tablet.

This tablet makes is a great go-to for most people, thanks to its Octa-core processor, 3GB RAM and 32 GB of internal storage.

What that all means is that this slate is actually pretty beefy in the performance department, making it great for watching movies, playing games, and even some light work from time to time.

With Samsung TV Plus, you can get instant free TV anywhere...not bad for £149.99.

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Panasonic 2020 50 inch 4K TV - Was £529.99, Now £314.99

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Credit: Panasonic

This Panasonic deal is amazing, and the TV itself is actually pretty awesome too.

This set has pretty much everything you'd need for more casual gaming. We're talking PS4, Xbox, Switch and even next-gen.

Granted, it's not HDMI 2.1 and won't let you play in 120hz, but for most people wanting a large screen for a super low price, this is a good way to go.

A 50", smart TV, with a 60hz refresh rate and HDR10 for under £315...come on.

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Denon DHT-S316 Soundbar with Subwoofer - Was £279.00, Now £159.99

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Credit: Denon

If you've ever struggled to hear actors' voices on your TV, trust us, you're not alone.

Most TVs are super slim, and what that means is that there isn't much for big speakers. The same goes with monitors also, in most cases...

So deals like this soundbar and subwoofer from Denon really stand out, as they're excellent for upgrading your setup and really taking your gaming and movie nights to the next level.

And at only 90cm long, this should be great for most living spaces too.

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AfterShokz Aeropex Sport Running Headphones - Was £149.95, Now £83.96

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Credit: AfterShokz

If you haven't checked out 'air conducting' headphones, this could be a good opportunity for you.

Headphones like these allow you to keep your ears 'open' while also listening to music. That's great for anything from being safe while running or being able to have a conversation with someone without having to take them off.

And weighing in at just 26g, they're great for long training sessions and you hardcore distance athletes out there!

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Phone Tripod, LINKCOOL 42" - Was £20.99, Now £15.19

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Credit: Linkcool

Phone tripods are a must-have if you're creating content, whether it be making reels or combining it with one of the best phone lens for nature shots.

This deal, while not a massive as some of the others, is still great for those who have tired of propping up their phones haphazardly to get the perfect angles.

And it goes without saying, that these also reduce any unfortunate accidents, since they lock in your device securely.

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BenQ MOBIUZ EX2710Q Gaming Monitor - Was £419.99, Now £289.99

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Credit: BenQ

BenQ are another great brand for all things monitors (and projectors).

This monitor from the Mobiuz range is excellent for gamers and those working from home. It packs a 1440p, IPS display with a 165hz refresh rate and 1ms response time.

That's fast, and great for PC gamers who want a solid mid-ground between frames per second and resolution.

But it's also got DisplayHDR 400, which means it's bright, has excellent colour and a whole lot of contrast too.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Smart Watch - Was £289.00, Now £189.00

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Credit: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 may be one the best smart watches for most people, thanks to a host of features and, we think, one of the best designs around.

Featuring all the familiar fitness tracking you'd need, from calories to step counts, this watch can also monitor health markers, such as blood pressure, thanks to its BioActive Sensor.

Now £100 off, we think this could make for the perfect deal for those looking to take their health and fitness to the next level.

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