E3 2021 may be cancelled as well, Jason Schreier suggests

E3 2020 didn't happen. You might not be completely aware of the fact purely because it feels as though we're still in the midst of E3 at the moment thanks to a seemingly unending series of events.

It's been an odd year for every event, but while a lot of events simply went online, E3 2020 was cancelled entirely.

Given how essential E3 has always seemed, this felt a bit strange for a lot of people who like following it.

Well, according to one big name, next year E3 is probably going to a bust as well.

Jason Schreier says E3 2021 probably isn't happening either

Schreier, formally of Kotaku and now at Bloomberg, posted a tweet saying "E3 posting bad tweets to distract everyone from realizing that E3 2021 probably isn't happening either."

The tweet in question was an extraordinarily bad article about games for women, which then proceeded to be intensely sexist and generally incur the ire of all who are aware of it.

E3 is an odd place at the moment. Sony pulled out last year anyway, and more and more companies are pulling away from it, especially after the massive data leak last year.

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Do we still need E3?

While the loss of the event is somewhat upsetting to a lot of people, us included, it does feel a little outdated now.

We've seen that companies can put on their own shows, which not only saves them money, but also allows them to avoid the news cycle forced upon them by E3.

That means that they can put out stories that might otherwise be missed, and at a more reasonable time for those of us not in the USA.

Maybe it's time E3 did just stop. This year hasn't been perfect for reveals, but it's shown that there is another way, and it's probably time for a change.

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