What Is the Duolingo Music Release Date?

Duolingo Music release date - An image of the interface of the Duo music course

Duolingo Music release date - An image of the interface of the Duo music course

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If you are curious about the Duolingo Music release date, we have all the information you need right here.

Duolingo has long held its reputation as one of the best apps for learning languages, cherished by learners worldwide. Now, it is diversifying its offerings by introducing music and math lessons, expanding its educational horizon.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the details surrounding the Duolingo Music release date, giving you a sneak peek into when you can start your musical journey with Duolingo Music.

Duolingo Music Release Date

Update (May 1, 2024): Duolingo Music is now available for both Android and iPhone users. Ensure your app is up to date to access the new music course.

Currently, Duolingo Music doesn't have an official release date. However, the good news is that beginning on October 11, 2023, iOS users can sign up for early access to the music course.

To get early access to Duolingo Music on your iOS device, open the Duolingo app and tap the course icon or flag in the upper-left corner. From there, select "Music" and tap "Get Notified". You will get a notification when the course becomes available to you.

At launch, Duolingo Music will offer lessons in English and Spanish, focusing solely on piano instruction. However, the platform will likely broaden its offerings to include additional musical instruments and languages in the future.

In the announcement blog, Duolingo mentioned that the course will be available "to more learners very soon." This suggests that Android users can anticipate the release of Duolingo Music sometime in October or, at the latest, by November.

What Is Duolingo Music?

Duolingo Music is a new course offered by Duolingo that provides users with the opportunity to learn essential music skills, even if they've never had access to music education in school or can't afford private instruction.

The course is designed in an interactive, game-like environment, making it engaging and enjoyable for learners. Concepts are introduced gradually and reinforced effectively, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of musical principles.

This course focuses on teaching skills like playing to a rhythm and reading musical notes on a staff. Throughout the lessons, users will develop their ability to play a musical instrument, improve their sight-reading skills, and enhance their listening skills.

And that covers everything we know about Duolingo Music and its release date. While you are here, check out how many leagues there are in Duolingo, and why the Duolingo icon looks sad and old.

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