Doom Eternal cheats: All confirmed cheat codes, and how to use them

Cheats are something of a rarity in modern games, with some even being a DLC unlock. However, DOOM Eternal has re-introduced them as secret pickups in the missions, instead of inputting a series of buttons to activate them.

The cheats are floppy disks across the game, to harken back to the original DOOM in the early nineties when it would ship on this format.

However, it can be confusing to know what the cheats are, and how they can be activated across the game.

With that, here's what the cheats are, and how to use them.

Confirmed Cheat Codes

The codes can be expanded upon as more DLC is released, but so far the cheat codes are as thus:

  • Infinite Extra Lives
  • One Hit Kills to Enemies
  • Sentinel Armor is active for the whole mission
  • All Weapons Unlocked and Upgraded
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Infinite Overdrive Powerup
  • Infinite Onslaught Powerup
  • Infinite Berserk Powerup
  • Enemies do not drop items when killed
  • Demons explode with confetti when killed
  • Enemies stagger once hit
  • All Runes Unlocked
  • Suit Fully Upgraded

Many of these harken back to the cheat codes of the nineties, such as infinite health, all weapons and one hit kills to enemies.

However, some will act as a shortcut, such as fully upgrading your suit and Sentinel Armor never running out.

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How to Use Them

DOOM Eternal has a unique method of enabling the cheats, as they are first enabled as Floppy Disk items, this is how you can use them:

  • Select Campaign
  • Choose the save slot you want to use the cheats in
  • Select Mission Select
  • Access the 'Cheat Codes' menu
  • Select which cheats you want to enable
  • Play the Mission

It's important to remember that these can only be used in missions you've already completed, not missions that you've yet to reach.

These cheats are usually marked as white question marks on a map, sometimes with a puzzle that you will need to solve in order to obtain them. For now, this method is the only way to obtain and use them, so make sure that the 'Item Classifier' suit upgrade is attained to make your cheat search even easier.

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