Does The Poco X4 Pro Support Wireless Charging?

Does the Poco X4 Pro have wireless charging? The latest release from Xiaomi offers up an impressive array of specs and features but has it included this small, but impactful, functionality this time around?

Here's everything you need to know about the Poco X4 Pro when it comes to its battery and charging.

Does The Poco X4 Pro Support Wireless Charging?

It looks like there is no mention of the Poco X4 Pro having wireless charging, and we wouldn't be surprised if it omitted it this time around.

Other phones like the Samsung Galaxy A53, A33, and A73 have all left wireless charging off the block, instead opting to go for a large battery with fast charge capabilities.

So what's the case with the Poco X4 Pro? How big is the battery and just how fast will it charge?

Poco X4 Pro Battery Life

does the poco x4 pro support wireless charging
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The Poko X4 Pro has a battery life of 5,000 mAh, which is the same as the new A-series from Samsung.

What that should offer is around two days of battery life with moderate usage, which is very good indeed.

On top of that, you won't be waiting hours to charge the phone itself, as it also boasts a massive 67W fast charging functionality. That's advertised to be 70% in 22 minutes and 100% in 41 minutes.

That is seriously impressive, especially considering that the Samsung Galaxy A53 only goes up to 25W.

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We think it's clear to see that you won't miss any wireless charging in this case.

Poco X4 Key Specs & Features

The device packs a punch for the price. Check out the key features below:

  • 6.67 inch 120hz AMOLED display
  • Snapdragon 695 Chipset
  • 64 MP main camera
  • 8MP ultrawide angle lens
  • 2MP macro
  • Side-mounted fingerprint scanner, speakers, and headphone jack

Poco X4 Pro Availability

At the time of writing, the Poco X4 Pro has arrived in India and appears to be available in the US too. In the UK, the official Poco site still has a 'Notify me' button instead of 'Buy now'. We'll update this section as soon as new updates come on our desk.

The phone is currently priced at £259.99 (6GB + 128GB) and £299.99 (8GB + 256GB) on the Poco product page. and priced at $344 at Amazon right now.

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