Does A Mini Fridge Use A Lot Of Electricity? Know Before You Buy

When you're looking for a mini-fridge, inevitably a question emerges - Does the mini-fridge use a lot of electricity? We will tell you!

Mini fridges are great because they don't take up a lot of space, and perfectly fit in a small space, like a dorm room, a limousine, or even under an office desk. However, the question of whether or not a mini-fridge uses a lot of energy is asked by many people.

In this guide, we will explain how much electricity a mini-fridge uses, and how much it cost per month to run a mini-fridge. Let's get started!

Does Mini Fridge Use A Lot Of Electricity?

The energy consumption of a mini-fridge depends on various factors, such as the energy efficiency of the mini-fridge, its insulation levels and the set temperature. Obviously, mini-fridges with high efficiency or energy star rating consume less energy than those with lower ratings.

Similarly, mini-fridges with triple-layer insulation consume less energy than those with single-layer or double-layer insulation. Because, the more protected a fridge interior is from the surrounding environment, the less energy it consumes.

A typical mini-fridge uses between 50 watts and 100 watts per hour when they are running, depending on its size and other specifications. So, before you choose a model, take its annual energy consumption (in kWh) & your energy rates into account and do the math.

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How Much Electricity Does A Mini Fridge Use Per Month?

For illustration, let's take this 1 energy star rated 4.4 cubic ft. mini-fridge with freezer from GE.

As per its specifications, this mini-fridge has an annual energy consumption of ‎227 Kilowatt Hours. As of April 2022, the average electricity rate in the U.S. is 10.42 cents per kilowatt-hour and 28p per kilowatt-hour in the UK.

In the U.S. it will cost you 227*0.10 = $23.65 dollars in a year to run this fridge. And, in the UK, it will cost you 227*0.28 = £9.44 in a year.

That implies it will cost you $1.97 or £0.7866 per month. On the other hand, a standard fridge (600kWh) will cost you 5 dollars or 14 pounds per month.

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