Does Duolingo Have ASL? - Answered

An image of the Duolingo owl and the logo of ASL

An image of the Duolingo owl and the logo of ASL

Duolingo is arguably the best language learning app, offering courses in even niche languages such as High Valyrian (from Game of Thrones), and Klingon (from Star Trek). However, one might wonder: Does Duolingo offer ASL?

It is estimated that around half a million people use ASL for daily communication. This number far exceeds the speakers of fictional languages like Klingon and High Valyrian. Given its widespread use, it would make sense for Duolingo to offer ASL.

In this guide, we will explore whether Duolingo offers American Sign Language (ASL) and discuss alternative options if they do not. But, before that, you might be interested in knowing why the Duolingo icon looks sad and old.

Does Duolingo Have ASL?

No, Duolingo does not currently have American Sign Language (ASL). However, they might offer a course in ASL in the future. That said, it is quite challenging to integrate ASL into their existing platform, which is primarily text-based.

Teaching ASL requires video-based instruction and advanced motion-capturing and image-processing technologies to check whether you are signing correctly. Duolingo will have to invest in these technologies to integrate ASL effectively.

The finance team at Duolingo would need to evaluate whether the investment is worthwhile, considering both the demand for ASL and potential returns. The availability of an ASL course on Duolingo would ultimately depend on these assessments.

There is a petition on advocating for the inclusion of ASL in Duolingo. So far, it has garnered signatures from 500 people. If you would like to see ASL offered in the app, adding your signature could help make a compelling case for its integration.

Best Platforms to Learn ASL

Lingvano is a superb platform for learning American Sign Language (ASL), featuring an interactive and user-friendly app that provides engaging lessons and practical exercises. However, access to its full features requires a subscription.

If you're searching for a free platform to learn ASL, is an excellent choice. This site provides free online lessons taught by Dr. Bill Vicars, a Deaf professor of ASL. Lifeprint offers a wealth of video tutorials and written materials at no cost.

With that, we conclude our guide on whether Duolingo offers ASL. We hope you found our article informational. before heading off, explore our other Duolingo guides, including how to fix the black widget.

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