Doctor Strange 2 will display the hero's strongest powers ever

A lead writer for the upcoming Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness film has provided key info on what fans can expect. The writer stated Doctor Strange 2 will see the hero at the peak of his powers. The film will follow the recent Disney+ Loki series, which set up events which will affect the wider MCU.

The last film in the series, 2016’s Doctor Strange, saw the doctor go up against Dormammu. At the end we witnessed Doctor Strange team up with Thor and Loki, setting the stage for future events. 

Doctor Strange 2 leaks

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness has had its fair share of complications during development, with key figures departing the movie and major rewrites pushing the film back. The film was also initially supposed to commence filming during early 2020, but the global coronavirus pandemic pushed filming back.

Fortunately, the film is now well into production, and is set to release next March. One of the lead writers recently spoke about the film in an interview with Geek Vibes Podcast , along with discussing his work on the recent Loki show. 

Height of his power

It was head writer Michael Waldron who spoke in the interview. Waldrom was one of the key writers in the first season of Loki. He is also the head writer in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. 

Waldron explains how the movie will open: "I think that Stephen Strange has been through so much between that first movie and now," 

“That first movie was an incredible origin story of how he became a sorcerer, but now he's been through that. He's fought Thanos, and he's on the other end of it, and he's kind of at the height of his powers. So it's an interesting place to catch up with him,” added Waldron.

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