Do PSVR Games look better when running on a PlayStation 5?

The PSVR was originally made for the previous jewel in Sony's crown; the PlayStation 4 console. But now that many gamers have attained the PlayStation 5 since its release last November, many are curious to see what the 'PSVR 2' brings next year.

In terms of graphics output, the PS5 can reach farther heights with its top-notch performance.

Yet when it comes to the PSVR side of things, can the console compensate what the system asks for?

With that being said, here's what you need to know if the PSVR can make games look better on PS5.


According to the official Reddit page discussion about the PSVR on PS5, there are differing views as to what users think to this scenario.

Reddit users who have tested PSVR on their PS5 consoles mention that there is an increase to the overall performance of the PSVR being ran on the PS5.

Although according to the majority of the Reddit users who took part in the discussion, the PS5's performance with the PSVR could almost be compared to the PS4 Pro's capabilities to run the VR system.

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PS5 games on PSVR

For the PS4 games being played on the PSVR headset, it is yet another great use for the headset, and the games you already own.

PS4 games can run up to 60 FPS in the PSVR, compared to the 30 FPS performance of majority of the PS4 games available today for it.

This just proves how useful the headset can be, and the PSVR might be one of your best picks to go along with the PS5 console and its games going forward.

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