How to do the moon phase trend on TikTok

How to do the moon phase trend on TikTok icon on red background

How to do the moon phase trend on TikTok icon on red background

TikTok is always a lot of fun to interact with, especially when there are trends and challenges going about and we might like to join in on the fun. Still, sometimes it's not as easy as it sounds and we might need a bit of help, otherwise, we end up looking like amateurs in front of our friends. So, let's see how to do the moon phase trend on TikTok.

Among the latest TikTok trends, there was for example highlighting the moment when everything hit rock bottom or explaining why I'm single. All simple fun ideas that everyone can try out at home or with friends.

But in this guide, we will tell you how to do the moon phase trend on TikTok so let's get into it.

How to do the moon phase trend on TikTok

The easiest way to do it without downloading any new apps is to go to Phasesmoon, from there, follow these guidelines:

  • Click over to "birthday moon";
  • Insert your birthday and your significant others' birthday
  • You will see a video of these two moons;
  • Record it with your phone or screen recording app;
  • Take the video and post it on TikTok

It might not look the best, but that's a simple and quick way to join the moon phase trend. If you want something that fits better in the trend, we recommend downloading CapCut, then do this:

  • Look up on google your moon phase and your significant others' moon phase;
  • Grab photos of these two phases;
  • On CapCut you'll find the moon phase template;
  • Insert the two images in the template.

You can also add in any songs you like, as there doesn't seem to be a trending song linked to the trend at the moment.

What is the moon phase trend on TikTok?

This trend involves looking for the moon phases for the day you and your partner were born and looking at how well they fit together. On TikTok you will see many photos of moons meeting together: the better they fit, the higher the chances are that you are a perfect match.

This is all you need to know about the moon phase trend on TikTok, but if you want to find out more tips and tricks for the app check out our guide on how to add link to TikTok bio and how to pin comments.

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