Disney will win the Metaverse, says Amazon Exec… no duh

The metaverse is set to be filled with brands, as numerous companies are looking to invest heavily in the virtual world. Disney is already confirmed to have plans for the Metaverse, and rival brands are already worried that they might end up “winning” the Metaverse war.

Disney wins (by default)

Former Amazon executive Matthew Ball was asked by Protocol which brand would come to the metaverse with a huge advantage. Unsurprisingly, Ball said Disney would likely have the biggest presence once the metaverse is more widely accepted by the masses.

Ball points out how Disney franchises like Star Wars and Marvel are large enough to have their own virtual worlds in the metaverse. “We are likely to underestimate their fit into this next-generation internet,” said Ball.

Disney is well-prepared for the metaverse, seemingly having all of the necessary tools to make sure they’re successful whenever the launch of their virtual worlds happens.

Disney’s IP library has already entered the streaming wars, immediately garnering millions upon millions of with Star Wars and Marvel content. Why would this be any different for The Metaverse?

Since we all assume that the metaverse will eventually become a thing that some people will participate in, Disney’s presence over the platform is like Thanos; inevitable.

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Will the metaverse change Hollywood?

Most of us are expecting the metaverse to appeal to a niche audience of rich VR users but Matthew Ball argues that it could affect entertainment in a huge way. Ball notes how movies were slow in getting concepts like the internet but quickly adapted to it once social media became a worldwide phenomenon.

Aside from acknowledging the metaverse, Ball also thinks that Hollywood movies could adapt and add VR or AR aspects that make users a part of the metaverse. Currently, there are some VR video games that have players actively take roles in whatever story is being told and films could adopt this concept soon.

Despite all this, the metaverse is still an unproven platform that the mainstream has very little interest in. Maybe Disney could have a huge effect on making it more popular but that has yet to be seen.

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