How to set keybinds on Discord

Keybind - Discord logo surrounded by characters

Keybind - Discord logo surrounded by characters

Want to know how to set keybinds on Discord? Keybinding involves assigning specific functions linked to your action bar to unique keys on the keyboard, or a specific key combination.

This practice allows you to quickly perform an action by hitting the designated key or key combination, without touching your mouse. In this guide, we'll take you through how to set keybinds on Discord.

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How to add keybinds on Discord

Discord Keybinds prove invaluable if you wish to navigate servers, channels, and private chats, manage calls, or perform various functions without relying on your mouse. This is particularly useful when you're playing a multiplayer game and simultaneously communicating with your teammates on Discord.

Once you assign keybinds and press these designated keys, the desired action is triggered automatically. They save time and offer customisation options according to your preferences, as you can change the existing keybinds or add new ones.

Here's how you can set keybinds on Discord.

  • Open Discord: You'll need to launch the Discord desktop client as Keybinds cannot be set on the mobile app.
  • Access User Settings: Click on the gear icon beside your Avatar and username to open the "User Settings" menu.
  • Navigate to Keybinds: Under "App Settings" on the left-side panel, locate the "Keybinds" option and click on it.
  • Explore Default Keybinds: Scroll down to view default keybinds and check out the existing options.
  • Add a Custom Keybind: Press "Add a Keybind" to create a customised keyboard shortcut.
  • Select Action: From the "Action" drop-down menu, choose the action you want to associate with the keybind.
  • Record Keystrokes: In the "Keybind" section, record the keystrokes you wish to trigger the chosen action.
  • Review and Finalise: If you're dissatisfied with what you chose, you can use the red cross to cancel and record a new keystroke. Press "ESC" when you're done—and that's it!

You have now set keybinds on Discord with which you're going to save lots of time. Enjoy experimenting with keybinds, and make sure that you choose combinations that are easy for you to remember!

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