Diricawl location Hogwarts Legacy - where to find Diricawl?

Diricawl location Hogwarts Legacy - where to find Diricawl?
Credit: WB Games

Diricawl location Hogwarts Legacy - where to find Diricawl?
Credit: WB Games

If you are looking for the Diricawl location in Hogwarts Legacy, we can help.

The wizarding world of Hogwarts Legacy is filled with fantastical Beasts. One of the intriguing creatures in the game is the elusive Diricawl, a magical bird that is rumoured to be found in various locations throughout the game world.

In this article, we will dive into the mystery of the Diricawl and uncover the best places to search for this elusive creature. Let's get right into it!

Diricawl location Hogwarts Legacy

The Diricawl is a small, flightless bird that is capable of vanishing and reappearing elsewhere, making it difficult to catch. Because of this, the Diricawl is highly valued by wizarding communities and is hunted for its feathers, which are used in the creation of magical wands.

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can find Diricawl in the following locations:

  • Northwest of Keenbridge
  • Southwest of Poidsear Coast
  • Southwest of Marunweem
  • On the Western and Northern shores of Clagmar Coast

These are the areas where you can find Diricawl dens. But, players don’t need to do a lot of hustle to find this Beast. Diricawl will be automatically added to the Collection when players enter the Main Quest: Beast Class.

Hogwarts Legacy Beasts locations

In Hogwarts Legacy, there are a total of 13 Beasts spread throughout the world including Diricowl. While most of these Beasts are added automatically as players progress through the game, some are a part of side quests.

Players who find all 13 Beasts will receive Collector’s Edition achievement. Moreover, breeding 12 to 13 beasts gives the player The Nature of Beast achievement. So if you care about achievements in Hogwarts Legacy, we can help you catch them all.

Here are the Hogwarts Legacy Beasts locations:

  • Fwooper: Poidsear, Clagmar Coast, and Feldcroft Region.
  • Giant Purple Toad: Clagmar Coast
  • Hippogriff: Feldcroft Region and South Sea Bog
  • Jobberknoll: North Ford Bog, Feldcroft Region and Cragcroftshire
  • Kneazle: South Sea Bog and Marunweem Lake
  • Mooncalf: Forbidden Forest and Poidsear Coast
  • Niffler: Feldcroft Region, Poidsear Coast, and Cragcroftshire
  • Puffskein: Forbidden Forest, Feldcroft Region, and Clagmar Coast
  • Thestral: North Ford Bog and Marumweem Lake
  • Unicorn: Forbidden Forest
  • Phoenix: in Deek’s Side Quest: Phoenix Rising

Now that you have the Diricawl location in Hogwarts Legacy, wear your cloak, hop on your broom and fly to the Beast's location. Hopefully, Hogwarts Legacy crashing and stuttering issues won't stand in the way of your successful completion of the collection.

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