Diablo 4 gets its best XP grinding event next week

diablo 4 lunar awakening event man in lion helmet armor holding dual sided greataxe

diablo 4 lunar awakening event man in lion helmet armor holding dual sided greataxe

If you've kept up with Diablo 4 and made your way to the endgame or are getting close, then there's some exciting news for you. The Lunar Awakening event promises to be one of the most promising XP farm events in Diablo 4 and helps fix one of the game's biggest flaws.

Diablo 4's endgame has received a lot of criticism for both being too grindy and damage numbers from the best builds outpacing the various shrines and mechanics put into the game. Despite being one of the best games of 2023, it's safe to say that the latest Diablo 4 season has been underwhelming. However, the Lunar Awakening event might make returning to Diablo 4 worth it.

The Lunar Awakening event will run from Tuesday, February 6 to Tuesday, February 20, 2024. It's the perfect event to grind for those of you looking to have your characters hit level 100.

During the Lunar Awakening event, you can occasionally find Lunar Shrines instead of the normal Shrines. While the effects of a Lunar Shrine are active players will gain 50% bonus Experience and 30% increased Movement Speed! Furthermore, lots of enemies will spawn around you whenever you activate a shrine. This combination makes for an ideal XP farming scenario where you can quickly level up your characters if you have the right set up.

To reduce the randomisation, the developers have implemented a useful feature for consistency in farming. Nightmare Dungeon Sigils will gain a chance to have the Ancestor’s Favor Nightmare Dungeon Affix, which replaces all Shrines in the dungeon with Lunar Shrines.

The changes have all been well received and have fixed some of the many issues players have had with Diablo 4's endgame. In fact, many players have called for these changes to become part of the standard base game, as it would make the experience a lot less grindy and a lot more fun.

The developers seem to finally be taking Diablo 4 in the right direction again, and we're all for it here! If you're excited about the Lunar Awakening event and the XP farm then be sure to learn all about it and get ready before it releases!

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