Destiny developer Bungie adopts generative AI for game development

Destiny 2 character Cayde-6

Destiny 2 character Cayde-6

Ex-Halo and current Destiny developer Bungie is adopting generative AI software to develop video games. While many developers are vehemently against the adopting of artificial intelligence like DALLE and ChatGPT, Bungie appears to be embracing the controversial technology.

A recent job listing for the game studio, via TheGamePost, asks for a new employee for the company’s Machine Learning team. The job listing asks for a Generative AI Lead Tools Engineer that will integrate artificial intelligence and software into the studio’s workflow.

The Bungie AI job listing has since been removed from the studio’s career website, but not before it was noticed by journalists. Bungie’s axed job listing reads as follows:

“Do you believe Generative AI (GenAI) is changing the landscape of what’s possible? Do you delight in combining models and making the perfect prompt? Do you enjoy working with people and workflows that span all of game development?

“As a Lead Tools Engineer in Bungie’s Central Technology organization, you will partner with area experts and drive the development of software that allows our tools and systems to interact with GenAI models. In this role you will collaborate with teams across all of Bungie, empowering the studio’s developers and reducing toil by giving them access to powerful AI tools.“

Ever since the release of the original Marathon in 1994, Bungie has been praised for its gorgeous art direction. From Halo to even the latest Destiny 2 expansion, the studio’s design aesthetics have been endlessly well received. In fact, even the studio’s upcoming Marathon reboot was loved purely for its art design.

Thankfully, it seems that Bungie’s plans for generative AI don’t include art production or writing, the latter already being covered by Ubisoft. Instead, the generative AI tools appear to be posed towards analytics and research using artificial intelligence.

However, it’s currently unknown just how far Bungie is planning to go with generative AI. In the future, the studio could adopt AI art or writing to design new quests in Marathon, Destiny or its upcoming looter shooter Matter.

Destiny 2 is currently available as a free to play title on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

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