Demon's Souls remaster: Digital Deluxe edition has exclusive items you CAN'T earn in the game

With the PS5 on the horizon, a lot of people are starting to get very excited about the launch titles.

One of the most imposing games that you can pick up on launch day is Demon's Souls.

A remaster of the PS3 game that started the soulslike genre, there are an awful lot of people ready to jump back into the original Souls game and get their butts handed to them.

However, one decision, in particular, seems antithetical to the Souls philosophy.

Demon's Souls Digital Deluxe edition contains items not in the game

We see a lot of digital deluxe or complete or ultimate editions of games.

While they can be a little irksome, they tend not to include anything game-breaking or unfair, it's often just a bobblehead or an XP boost or something.

Demon's Souls, however, contains items you can only get by ordering the Digital Deluxe version. As tweeted out by VaatiVidya, The Red-Eye Knight Armour, Boletarian Royalty Armor, and Ritual Blade can only be obtained if you sink some cash into the game, and that's incredibly annoying.

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Why is this bad?

Demon's Souls is in a lineage of games where every single item can matter and can be put into a build. The armour all has distinct stats, and some builds are only possible because of certain pieces of armour.

The same is true of the weapons, with each one being viable if you're willing to commit to it and have a little bit of fun.

With some items being locked behind a paywall here, it means that these options won't be available to people, effectively limiting what they can use because they can't afford them.

This would be less abhorrent in a single-player game, but Demon's Souls isn't a single-player game. Demon's Souls has co-op and PvP, and in PvP, if any of the items in the Digital Deluxe version ends up being good it'll give those without them a disadvantage. It reeks of money-grabbing and it's really disappointing to see it in a Souls game.

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