DeepMind AI is helping mathematicians discover never-before-seen patterns

Google's DeepMind AI has been used for a multitude of ground-breaking research. For example, the artificial intelligence model is planned to be used to design new pharmaceuticals via machine learning.

In a new development, the Google-owned AI tech has been used to help further humanity's understanding of mathematics. Reported by ScienceAlert, the technology has already discovered never-before-seen mathematical patterns.

How DeepMind AI is revolutionising math

Mathematical discoveries in modern decades has often occurred with the help of computers. Additionally, the creation of machine learning algorithms has helped to speed up the development of math discoveries.

With massive data sets and more effective AI tools, research teams can work faster than ever. In the latest case of AI revelations, DeepMind AI has been utilized to find new patterns that have never been seen before.

The AI program was made to tackle a long-standing math issue: Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials. This 40-year-old problem is an algebraic issue of integral polynomials that has stumped mathematicians for decades.

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Knot Theory

The team’s work with DeepMind AI has led to the foundation of a new theory: knot theory. This theory is based on a newfound relationship between mathematical “knots” that was discovered by the AI.

“We have demonstrated that, when guided by mathematical intuition, machine learning provides a powerful framework that can uncover interesting and provable conjectures in areas where a large amount of data is available, or where the objects are too large to study with classical methods,” said researcher András Juhász.

Additionally, knot theory can be used for more than just pure mathematics. The team claims that the theorem could be used for genetics, astrology or even the study of fluid dynamics. However, that has yet to be achieved.

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Is AI integral to the future of math?

After using the technology to help further their developments, the research team believes in the future of AI assistance. One member said that this marks the first time AI “has demonstrated its usefulness for pure mathematicians”.

After this, the use of high-end AI programs in maths is likely going to increase exponentially. After all, the technology is already bring utilized in most other scientific fields.

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