Deathloop actor accidentally reveals that a sequel/DLC is being worked on

deathloop sequel dlc accidentally leaked by colt actor
Credit: Arkane

deathloop sequel dlc accidentally leaked by colt actor
Credit: Arkane

Deathloop was a great first-person action game from developer Arkane, with players wanting more of that addictive action. These prayers have been answered, as one of the game’s voice actors accidentally revealed they’ve been hired to do more work under the game’s codename.

Considering how quiet Arkane and Bethesda have been on the game’s future, this accidental slip from one of the game’s actors gives fans some hope. While a full-fledged sequel or DLC hasn’t been officially announced yet, the fact multiple voice actors are working on something has us feeling optimistic.

Is it time for Deathloop to get a proper sequel? Or are we getting DLC instead? We’ll have to wait and see but there’s definitely some excitement surrounding this title again.

During an interview with Streamily, Jason Kelley, the voice actor of Colt in Deathloop, accidentally revealed that he’s still doing voiceover work for Arkane. Kelley’s not alone either, as he also confirmed that Julianna’s actor Ozioma Akagha is also doing work for this project.

Hilariously, Kelley realizes that he shouldn’t have revealed that information and starts whistling for comedic effect. Judging from Kelley’s hilarious reaction, it’s clear that this was private information because Arkane has something Deathloop-related in mind.

Many fans want a sequel to the game since they want to see how Arkane can expand on the huge world from the first installment. Players want to see some more creative bosses after the first game gave them some very solid fights to teleport and shoot through.

If not a sequel, fans also wouldn’t mind some Deathloop DLC or a standalone expansion to keep them busy. Dishonored 2 got a great expansion called Death of the Outsider and it would be fun to see what they could do with a Deathloop expansion.

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Deathloop was originally a console exclusive for the PS5 but is now readily available on the Xbox Series and PC.

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