Kojima reveals Death Stranding 2’s story was changed by the pandemic

death stranding 2 story changed by pandemic
Credit: Kojima Productions

death stranding 2 story changed by pandemic
Credit: Kojima Productions

Death Stranding 2 is still stranded in mystery with only one teaser trailer to dissect. A new interview with Hideo Kojima has shared some new details regarding the PS5 exclusive, though not enough to know what we’re in for.

In an interview with Natalie (translated by Okami Games), Kojima revealed that he changed the game’s story after the pandemic. Fans joke about how the Metal Gear Solid creator accidentally predicted the pandemic with the first Death Stranding, but this sequel is about moving on from that.

Repeating what he announced last year’s The Game Awards, Kojima said he had a different story in mind for the sequel but COVID-19 changed everything. The story also supposedly changes what “strand” means, with Kojima saying “should we have connected?” will be a major theme.

As expected from Kojima, no details on the gameplay of Death Stranding 2 have been revealed. It might be safe to assume that gameplay will be similar, though we’re not sure if delivering items will remain.

Most of the cast from the first game are returning, as the first trailer confirmed Norman Reedus and Lea seydoux. Troy Baker has also been confirmed as Higgs, which means things won’t go too well for Reedus’ Sam. Nicholas Cage might also be appearing in the game, which should be fun.

The first Death Stranding game launched as a PlayStation 4 exclusive before it was also released on PC and PS5. Death Stranding Director’s Cut added plenty of new content, including a whole level themed after Metal Gear Solid. Sam can even use a box to move around, which got fans talking at the time.

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Death Stranding 2 still doesn’t have a release date but it will be coming out on PS5.

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