DCEU producer Deborah Snyder is shocked that Warner Bros won't reveal Snyder Cut viewing figures

The success of a movie before the rise of streaming services was through its box office gross. However, as movies move to a service-driven distribution, simple viewer numbers deem a project’s success. Despite being a flagship release for HBO Max, Warner Bros is refusing to reveal viewing figures for their latest DCEU release: Zack Snyder's Justice League.

Zack Snyder's Justice League was a huge moment for fans of the DCEU. After years of campaigning, it was wise to believe that the project would be at least mildly successful. Unfortunately, Warner Bros is refusing to reveal the project’s success, much to the shock of producer Deborah Snyder.

DCEU producer Deborah Snyder on Justice League viewing figures

It would appear that DCEU producer Deborah Snyder has no idea how successful the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League is. While the producer is sure it was at least somewhat successful, she's not privy to the exact statistics.

“It’s interesting that they haven’t reported the numbers, but there have been a bunch of articles saying how massive Justice League has been," Snyder said. "For us, it wasn’t about that. It was about completing Zack’s vision. Something that because of our tragedy turned into something really ugly and distorted, and having a chance to set it right. The love from the fans for that film and for Zack’s vision and to be able to complete that vision was the why of it for us."
"That’s been an amazing experience to see people enjoy it and the love. We had been developing this world and Zack’s version of that world for over ten years. It was kind of a weird ending, or lack of ending. For us, it was a nice way to get closure and also for people to see what it was meant to be."

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The SnyderVerse is dead

Warner Bros isn't looking to pursue a future for the SnyderVerse. In fact, as director Zack Snyder has put it, the company is “Aggressively Anti-Snyder” following the release of Justice League. In fact, the company even stopped the film from actually being the full vision of Zack Snyder as they prohibited the inclusion of Green Lantern.

If Justice League was a success, Warner Bros likely won't be interested in revealing that information. As plans for a new DCEU are going forward, the studio won't want fan campaigns popping back up to support Snyder's universe.

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