DC Comics artist Robson Rocha has died from Coronavirus

Brazillian comic book artist Robson Rocha has died after being hospitalised due to coronavirus. The artist was best known for his work on Aquaman, Birds Of Prey, Superman and Batman, as well as his work on the space-cops series Green Lanterns. 

Rocha was hospitalised last week because of the COVID-19 virus. Friends of the artists organised donations of both blood and money to support him during his stay. The news of Rocha’s death arrived from fellow comic book artist and Twitter user Yildiray Cinar.

Rocha had been working for DC Comics for just over eleven years, and in that time he worked on a number of high-profile projects. His work, which can be seen in the tweet above, was well respected. Numerous other creators have voiced their sadness over his death. 

Rocha joins several celebrities who lost their lives to coronavirus, including the likes of Rick May who voiced the Soldier character in Team Fortress 2 and actor Jay Benedict who had roles in Aliens and The Dark Knight Rises.

A varied career

Rocha’s career included several covers, as well as credits for inking, pencilling and artistry across a number of projects. The artist world on the likes of Aquaman, Deathstroke, Supergirl Teen Titans and Green Lantern.

In an interview with Four Horseman last year, Socha talked about how surprised he was that people actively followed him: “It is kind of hard for me to believe that people follow my work and ask for autographs. It’s surreal. I mean, it IS awesome, but so surreal, in a good way."

Robson also discussed his excitement at working with DC characters back in 2016: “I’ve been a fan of comic books since I was a child,” said Rocha. “To have the opportunity to work with the DC characters I admire and love so much is a dream come true. These heroes have helped me believe in a better and much more fantastic world. I hope that my contributions to these characters will help to inspire others.”

Twitter Tributes

Numerous artists, creators and fans have paid their respects to the artist on Twitter, following Cinar’s initial tweet. 

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