Dbrand releases bloody good CARNAGE with new red-and-black skins

Numerous products suited up in Dbrands Carnage line of skins and cases
Credit: Dbrand

Numerous products suited up in Dbrands Carnage line of skins and cases
Credit: Dbrand

Dbrand offers some of the most impressive cases and skins on the market, whether you decide to pick one up for your iPhone, Steam Deck, PS5, AirPods, or all of the above. And now, the company has released a line of skins totally not inspired by the villainous Carnage from Marvel comics.

Branded with the slogan "With great power comes ZERO responsibility", the Carnage line of cosmetics feature sharp red edges and webs over a black Dbrand GRIP case, offering a fusion that looks uncomfortable, over-the-top, and bloody gorgeous. Dbrand states on the website that its a "more sinister design" with a "villainous name to match" and we find it hard to disagree there.

Fortunately, if you like what you see, you have a range of choices. Whether you want to purchase a new skin for the best gaming handheld with the Steam Deck, or if you're looking to protect your favourite wireless earbuds for music, the AirPods, the choice is up to you. And, fortunately, you can opt for either the skin or the case options for most products.

Dbrand is offering the Carnage line of cases and skins as a limited edition, with the landing page for the line up stating "Depending on how many multi-billion dollar megacorps we've successfully angered with this initiative, Carnage might not be around forever. Better act fast".

The Carnage line is very similar to the PS5 plates that were released around the time that Marvel's Spider-Man 2 launched. Aptly titled "Arachnoplates", the PS5 covers gave those who couldn't pre-order the official skin plates from PlayStation another option, and one that arguably looks better.

The Carnage line from Dbrand is available to purchase now on the official website. Alternatively, if you miss out on the limited edition CARNAGE, Dbrand offers a range of other designs that will likely suit your needs, with a range of hilarious and insulting comments throughout the descriptions.

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