How to get Vikhr Rifle in DayZ

DayZ player holding gun and walking down road littered with abandoned cars
Credit: Steam

DayZ player holding gun and walking down road littered with abandoned cars
Credit: Steam

The Vikhr is a deadly automatic rifle in DayZ and is quite similar to VSS and ASVAL. The gun uses 9*39mm rounds with armour-piercing damage and is a lethal weapon to have in your arsenal. Now the question is, how to get the Vikhr rifle in DayZ?

This rifle was first added to the game on January 16, 2024, during the experimental patch 1.24 and is gaining popularity steadily. For this, it's crucial to know where to find this gun.

So here's a quick guide to locating the Vikhr in DayZ, as well as how it functions on the battlefield. Let's begin the search.

DayZ Vikhr rifle location

After the 1.24 patch, the Vikhr can be found in military locations and is also not an event loot item. With a rarity score of five, it’s a slightly rare item to find, given there are only seven per server available in the game. Which means you might have a challenge locating it initially.

You can spot these guns in tier-3 locations in Chernarus and Livonia.

And since this is not an event look gun, you won't find them on any vehicles, but only in the tier-3 military barracks. Meaning, that while the gun isn't a purposefully rare item, its locations are.

You might find the magazines in the same location or a bit further away. That is unconfirmed for now.

DayZ Vikhr rifle overview

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Vikhr Rifle in DayZ game

It spawns in semi-auto fire mode, so the moment you find it, ensure to switch it to full auto so you can use its full potential.

The gun shoots out 15 bullets per second, with each bullet taking out 75 health. Both the regular bullets and the armour-piercing bullets have the same damage numbers at 200m distance.

However, the armour-stripping bullets strip more health with longer distances, while the regular bullets have the option to dish out shock damage.

While it's troubling to hit a moving target with this weapon, it's a great weapon to take down more powerful enemies for survival.

So, are you ready to experiment with the Vikhr in DayZ? Find this killer weapon in the locations above and fortify yourself against the Infected today.

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