Where to find Tetracycline in DayZ

Image of DayZ reviving injured player with blue sky and trees in background
Credit: Bohemia Studios

Image of DayZ reviving injured player with blue sky and trees in background
Credit: Bohemia Studios

DayZ is a multiplayer survival game where you will need to fend for yourself, fighting off enemies and learning what it takes to recover from ailments. In this guide, we will take you through where to find Tetracycline in DayZ.

In DayZ, an infectious plague has turned most of the population around you violent, and you are one of the survivors. While fighting off the infected, you need to look for sustenance in the form of food and water, and you'll need medicines like Tetracycline in case you fall sick.

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How to get Tetracycline in DayZ

Tetracycline Pills, categorized under Medical in DayZ, serve as antibiotics. You can use them for treating ailments such as cholera, the common cold, influenza, and wound infections of your character. Each Tetracycline Pill lasts for five minutes, requiring a subsequent dose after that duration. These pills can be stacked in your inventory.

To find Tetracycline Pills, you'll need to visit Clinics or Hospitals. Clinics are preferable due to lower looting compared to hospitals. All you need to do is watch out for the paramedic/nurse zombies and explore the building, as medical items often spawn there. There is a high chance to find Tetracycline Pills in these areas.

While many players might think so, medical items are not exclusive to hospitals. They also spawn in food stands, garages, cars, sheds, and even the buildings nearby. Make sure to check structures around hospitals, like the garages behind the Cherno Hospital or the Berezino Clinic.

If you cannot locate Tetracycline Pills, an alternative method involves taking multivitamins and gradually consuming food and water. Although this process takes time, it can eventually counteract infections. However, make sure not to overeat or overdrink, as excessive intake may lead to vomiting.

Also, while you cannot simultaneously use two identical pills for enhanced effectiveness, you can combine different medications. For instance, taking Multivitamin Pills along with Tetracycline Pills simultaneously will address infections, though only one icon will display on the player’s HUD.

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