Can you play DayZ solo?

A dayz character attacked by a zombie
Credit: Bohemia Interactive

A dayz character attacked by a zombie
Credit: Bohemia Interactive

DayZ has become popular for being a multiplayer survival experience that puts players in the shoes of a zombie outbreak survivor. While the main focus is experiencing an MMO-like gameplay loop, fans are wondering if it's possible to play solo.

With plenty of stuff to keep track of, sometimes not having to deal with other players online is for the best, after all, you don't want to lose all those items you took so long to craft after getting killed by another survivor.

In this guide, we'll tell you if it's possible to play DayZ offline and how to do it in case you can. While you're here, check out how to respawn near friends.

Can you play DayZ solo?

A DayZ character exploring a lush field
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Credit: Bohemia Interactive
Yes, you can play DayZ solo

Yes, there is a way to play DayZ solo, although it involves a bit of work on your part. One way is by doing so via a private server, or by installing a mod that will let you play offline.

Download the DayZCommunityOfflineMode

The first option is downloading a unique DayZ mod that lets you play offline, and thus, with no one else that can potentially disrupt your gameplay experience.

This mod is made for players who perhaps don't want to deal with online shenanigans and are afraid of losing their progress. However, the creators do state that this is an unofficial mod and it might not work for you.

You can download it from their GitHub page, follow the detailed instructions and enjoy an offline DayZ experience.

Create a private server

The second option is much simpler but will cost you, as you can always host a private server for you and your friends if you wish to play the complete DayZ experience but without outsiders.

Some sites offer VPS (virtual private servers) for DayZ such as OVHCloud, the amount you spend will depend on how smooth you want the experience to be.

And that's how you can play DayZ solo. Sadly, since the game is heavily multiplayer-focused, there aren't a lot of options out there, but we hope you find these helpful.

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