How to make campfire in DayZ

How to make a campfire in DayZ
Credit: Alphr

How to make a campfire in DayZ
Credit: Alphr

Knowing how to make a campfire in DayZ is a useful skill to have. It keeps you warm on chilly nights, helps you cook, and is a source of light in the dark.

Being a survival game, DayZ will throw you amidst various challenges that you can overcome if you have a basic skill or two learnt. The fictional story of this game happens in the post-Soviet Republic of Chernarus, where an unknown plague is wiping the world's population by storm.

You, as the protagonist, not only need to survive the plague but also the zombies who result from the plague's lethality. By cooperating with your team, you can choose to either fend off the zombies or kill them to survive becoming one yourself. And in such moments, a simple skill like campfire building is immensely helpful.

Without further ado, here's how you can make a campfire in DayZ.

How to craft DayZ campfire

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Camphire in DayZ guide

The first step to making a campfire in DayZ is to find a suitable spot It needs to be a place with no moisture or chances of rainfall. Once you have a suitable dry spot, next come the requirements for a fire.

For this, you'll need the following:

  • A cutting weapon, such as an axe, a knife, or a machete
  • Rags, bandages, paper, or barks for burning materials.
  • Short sticks or firewood
  • A forest nearby to gather the said firewood

Firewood gathering is possible in various ways. For example, you can either look for Short Sticks in the bushes or use your weapons to chop down trees for the wood.

While searching the bushes, cut the Short Sticks with your knife instead of using your hands. This way, you can avoid bleeding out from a cut, which is far from ideal in a game where you lose blood every second till you bandage it or stitch it up.

If you have all the components in the list above, you have everything to make a fireplace kit.

How to make DayZ fireplace kit

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Credit: Common Sense Gamer
Fireplace kit for DayZ

It's easy to make a fireplace kit in DayZ. All you have to do is combine the Short Sticks with your Tinder materials like dirty rags, scraps, paper, or anything that catches fire quickly and easily. You can now equip these components and make yourself a nifty fireplace kit for the campfire.

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How to light DayZ campfire

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Making Campfire in DayZ

Now that you have a fully functional fireplace kit, it's time to light it up. For this, you need a matchbox. If you don't have one, then search any of the houses to find a box.

Then, place the firewood in a dry area. After this, you'll receive an on-screen prompt to light a fire. Up next, near the campfire with your matchbox in hand and hold RT to light your campfire.

Can you light a campfire in DayZ without matches?

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Hand Drill for Campfire in DayZ

Yes, you can. If you don't have matches and can't find matchboxes in the in-game houses, don't worry about it. Because all you need are some of the following items:

  • Four sticks
  • knife or a sharp object
  • Some rags
  • Tree bark

Start by cutting down the bushy with a sharp weapon. Collect four long sticks to place in your inventory. Remember patience is key, as this will take you some time.

After you collect four sticks, combine them with a tinder rag material in your inventory and equip this crafted component. From here, go to a dry area to pan the camera towards the ground and click the action for a fireplace. Press RT at the fireplace and watch your campfire come to life.

In conclusion, building a campfire is easy in DayZ if you know which materials to gather for it, the campfire placement, and how to light one.

So, if you're a regular DayZ player or just starting, try out this step-by-step guide and keep your surroundings lit and warm.

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