David Thewlis recalls filming Snyder Cut Ares battle after confusing Insta post

With months blending into one another for the past year-and-a-half, it's not uncommon to forget things constantly. However, British actor David Thewlis managed to convince thousands – including us – that he'd forgotten his role in Zack Snyder's Justice League.

David Thewlis was just joshing

In an Instagram post last month, the DCEU actor acted confused about his appearance in Zack Snyder's Justice League. As a wave of fans rushed to explain his appearance as Ares, the actor jokingly led them on. The actor was told that he was part of one of the film's coolest moments: striking down Darkseid.  The actor replied: “Did I? Who’s he then?”

After news of the actor's apparent confusion made waves online, Thewlis has explained the situation. As per usual for the British actor, he was just pulling his fans' legs. As many suspected, he was just joking about not remembering his role in the superhero movie.

In a new Instagram post, David Thewlis posted an image of himself wearing a motion capture suit. The image shows the actor wearing a bald cap and glued-on facial hair to complete his Ares look. Thewlis also explained that his head was indeed digitally added to the “body of a man with a gym membership". The actor said:

"Just for the record. No jokes from now on. Everything on this account will be factual, logical and verifiable. Here you see, my left arm is not tiny, I know it isn’t. I am wearing a motion capture suit, about to shoot scenes for Justice League. That is a bald cap. That beard is glued on. They stuck my head on the body of a gentleman with a gym membership (not @christophereccleston). I understood very well that would be the case, that’s why I’m wearing the suit. I put on a horned helmet and struck a sandbag with an axe several times. Then I had a Scotch egg for lunch. Sorry folks. I won’t joke about anything ever again. It just confuses people."
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