Daisy Ridley confirms meeting with Kathleen Kennedy amidst Star Wars return rumours

The Star Wars sequel trilogy is the definition of a mixed bag. After a decent start with The Force Awakens, and the high of The Last Jedi, the trilogy ended with a thud with Rise of Skywalker. However, rumours of redemption are rampant with many claiming the return of Daisy Ridley as Rey Skywalker.

Evidence for these claims has often been weak. Previously, rumours of Ridley's return were merely hearsay. Multiple insiders have stated that Daisy Ridley will return as Rey Skywalker in an upcoming Disney Plus show, but those rumours appeared weak.

Daisy Ridley meets with Kathleen Kennedy

In an interview with Grazia, Ridley revealed that she has met with Star Wars producer Kathleen Kennedy. The producer is currently in the President of Lucasfilm, greenlighting current and future Star Wars content for film, TV, books and more.

While promoting her new audio experience Zoetrope, Ridley discussed her time on Star Wars. While reminiscing about her early career, the actress also stated that she had a meeting with Kathleen Kennedy just days before her interview.

When asked about the end of the Skywalker Saga, Ridley said:

“My god I was so sad. I spent a lot of time crying, I really felt like I was grieving something. They were my people for so many years! John [Boyega] and I met when we were both twenty-one, we were so young. We started this thing together in our early twenties and now I’m twenty-nine. But we all keep in touch, even though John is the busiest man in the world. I went for breakfast with Kathy Kennedy the other day which was so nice. Jodie [Comer] and I text all the time. It was such a wonderful experience.”

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Should Rey get her own show?

Many have wondered if Rey Skywalker should get a Disney Plus show, similar to the upcoming Boba Fett and Obi-Wan shows. Previous leaks claimed that a show focusing on Rey was in the works. The leak explained that it would take place years after Rise of Skywalker, ushering fans into a new era of Star Wars. The show was said to focus on Rey and her son, a child born of The Force similar to Anakin.

Of course, recent rumours have also claimed that there would be a show focusing entirely on Rose Tico. While not unbelievable, there's been no evidence to suggest that this rumored show is actually in development at this time.

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