Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer mode LEAKS: What we've learned about Deathmatch, Heists and more

While many people are simply waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 to be playable on consoles, and also run better on PC, others who have been blessed with fewer bugs, are looking ahead to what else the game might bring.

CD Projekt Red will undoubtedly bring out updates and DLC for the game, but nobody really knows what's coming.

It turns out that there are already secrets hidden within the code of the game.

For example, the basis for the multiplayer mode could already be in the Cyberpunk 2077.

A datamine has revealed multiplayer modes for Cyberpunk 2077

Dark Side of Gaming has apparently had a source contact them regarding a datamine which they say they have confirmed.

The datamine points to the existence of not only multiplayer on the whole, but two specific modes. According to the site, both Deathmatch and Heist exist within the file, along with a bunch of functions clearly aimed at supporting them.

CD Projekt Red had mentioned they were working on multiplayer anyway, but it's still interesting to see this kind of thing already in the file. It's worth noting that that doesn't mean that the modes are anywhere near ready yet though.

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What else is in the datamine?

Along with a bunch of other stuff, there are a fair few messages included that will presumably pop up when you die:

  • You sent yourself directly to hell! Please don’t come back
  • Wow! You killed yourself… Bravo.
  • Your bullet was stronger than your self-esteem
  • Your shot destroyed your own body and soul. Duh
  • You sent %s directly to hell!
  • Wow! You killed %s without compassion
  • Your bullet was stronger than %s’s head
  • Your shot destroyed %s’s body and soul
  • %s sent you directly to hell!
  • Wow! %s killed you without compassion
  • %s’s bullet was stronger than your head
  • %s’s shot destroyed your body and soul

We're not sure what the deal is with "killing without compassion" but, well, that's pretty much always the case in a Deathmatch, right?

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