Counter-Strike 2 players angry at lack of left-handed options

counter-strike 2 players want left-handed options
Credit: Valve

counter-strike 2 players want left-handed options
Credit: Valve

Counter-Strike 2 quickly became one of the most-played multiplayer titles on Steam, but the game is lacking in some accessibility options. Many fans pointed out that a command to make the game have a left-handed view in CS: GO has been removed in the sequel, frustrating many.

Ever since the game’s launch, players have been asking Valve to bring back the feature, after it played such a prominent part in the first game’s success. Fans on Reddit even pointed out that one of the characters in the promotional art carries a gun with their left hand, but the option’s not there.

Some fans have found alternative commands that work with the shooter, but many have argued that it should be an option in the main menu. It’s hard to argue with that logic, especially with the rise of accessibility options in various AAA games.

There’s a hope that Valve will eventually add left-handed options in Counter-Strike 2, given how in-demand it is. Players have made excuses for Valve, as inverting the stance would somewhat change how the game is viewed. Granted, it was done in CS: GO, so we hope it can be done again once more time has been sunk into post-launch development.

Aside from some missing accessibility options, Valve has also stopped supporting the game for older computers. While those players can still enjoy a legacy version of CS: GO, that port will lose support early next year. Unfortunately, it’s time for those gamers to get a new PC.

Despite the lack of these accessibility options, Counter-Strike 2 is a solid multiplayer game that most fans of the shooter genre can enjoy. We’re still fairly early in the game’s life, with more content set to come in the coming years, especially now that CS: GO isn’t being supported anymore.

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Counter-Strike 2 is readily available on Steam as a Free-to-Play download. There are microtransactions for players who want faster progression and cool cosmetics.

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