Cooler Master’s 2800w PSU can run five of your PCs

Cooler Master 2800W (and 2000W) PSU in front of a gasping emoji
Credit: Cooler Master

Cooler Master 2800W (and 2000W) PSU in front of a gasping emoji
Credit: Cooler Master

As more graphics cards require more power, it's no surprise that Cooler Master's looking to the future with stronger PSUs - but even we think that 2800W PSUs might be a bit over the top.

While none of the 4000-series Super cards require enough power that 2800W is necessary, Cooler Master is no stranger to unique products, including the Shark X shark-shaped gaming PC that returned for this year's CES. However, we can't help but feel that 2800W is overkill, at least right now.

Cooler Master's new X Mighty line of PSUs was originally teased in December with the 2000W PSU, as spotted by VideoCardz, which is also more than enough power. However, the new X Mighty 2800W has now made its debut at CES 2024, with Cooler Master getting instant bragging rights for one of the most powerful PSUs available.

The PSU comes with 12V-2x6 connectors, meaning that it offers "multiple 40-series GPU support", so if you were hoping to spends lots of money on the best graphics cards, this PSU can support it. The PSU is based ATX 3.1 and PCIe Gen5 specs.

Obviously, this PSU isn't made with gamers in mind. It's likely made with AI rendering or workstations in mind, as opposed to those looking to spend almost £6,000 on 4090s for an increased FPS in Counter-Strike 2 or something like that. That being said, with the new Alienware monitors or the new Dell 5K monitor, that would look pretty incredible using multiple 40-Series cards.

For those not looking to power roughly five PCs, Cooler Master is also releasing a line of PSUs called X Silent, which will deliver quieter PSUs that are fanless. These are likely made with gamers and standard PC builders instead of workstations.

Unfortunately, a price for massive X Mighty line of PSUs hasn't been announced just yet, neither has a release date. However, we'd expect that they won't come cheap when they finally launch.

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