How to beat Starfish in Content Warning

Content Warning players exploring dark area
Credit: Landfall Publishing

Content Warning players exploring dark area
Credit: Landfall Publishing

Want to know how to beat the Starfish in Content Warning? We've got you covered.

In the domain of mighty monsters, the cunning Starfish stands out as one of the deadliest and most dangerous, that strikes from the above. With its many rope-like tentacles hanging in the darkness, it hunts and easily catches the wanderers, thus being a formidable opponent who dares to record it.

While the Starfish monster inhabits this treacherous realm, it too possesses weaknesses that can be exploited by the players. This guide reveals the mystery of how to beat these unfriendly enemies, enabling you effective protection in the precarious venture of gaining more views.

How to beat Starfish in Content Warning

The Starfishes are intelligent and sneaky hunters who wait upon the ceiling with their long tentacles to grab up the players passing by. After wrapping you around these ropes, they will bring you up in the air to kill you.

Nevertheless, the best thing to do against these creatures is to stay away from them. Since they reside on the ceiling, you will be able to spot them from a distance. But when you're stuck in the dark, it can become a bit hard to deal with these creatures.

However, with the help of a flashlight, you can brighten up the shadows and find out if there are any monsters, such as those dreadful Starfish. Therefore, always activate your flashlight in dimly lit areas before taking any steps. By exercising caution, you can minimize the risk of becoming dinner for these sinister predators.

Nevertheless, if you or your friends are trying to get away from other scary monsters, there's a real chance that one of you might end up in the clutches of the Star-shaped creature. Although it's a challenging situation, you must remain calm since there is a simple way through which you can set free.

In case you notice one of your friends being surrounded by the tentacles of the Starfish, you should help them immediately by picking up any throwable item around you and throwing it toward the Starfish. To do that, Press the Q key, aim exactly at the Starfish and release the button to toss the object. This will make the creature let go of your friend, giving them a chance to escape

However, if you’re the one who’s stuck, don’t worry. Just shout out to your friends for help. Tell them to throw something at the Starfish to release you. With everyone working together and using what they've got around them, you'll soon be out of danger.

This is all the information you need to know if you want to beat these creatures in Content Warning. Now you can enjoy your video-making journey with one less threat around you.

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