Content Warning Sound Player explained

The Sound Player in Content Warning

The Sound Player in Content Warning

Looking to add a bit of audio flare to your Spook Tube videos? Everything you need to know about the Content Warning Sound Player is in this guide.

Though you’ll be defying death out in the Old World by escaping Captcha Traps and reviving friends, you can always add a little more to your videos to get more views on Spook Tube. That’s where the Content Warning Sound Player comes in.

So if you’re ready to make it big on the internet, let’s go ahead and take a look at the Sound Player in Content Warning.

Gadgets in the Content Warning shop
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What is the Content Warning Sound Player?

The Sound Player in Content Warning is an item that, well, plays sounds. You can purchase it from the in-game shop under the Gadgets tab for $100.

You can produce over 20 different effects with the Content Warning Sound Player. Here are the different sounds you can produce with this item:

  • Badum Tiss
  • Boo
  • Boom
  • Car Skid
  • Cheer
  • Cool Transition
  • Correct
  • Crickets
  • Dramatic Hit
  • Drum Roll
  • Error Buzzer
  • Funk Stinger
  • Gameshow Intro
  • Laugh
  • Metal Pipe
  • News Broadcast
  • Record Scratch
  • Sad Trumpet
  • Scary Kitchen
  • Slide Whistle
  • Victory

How to use the Sound Player in Content Warning

You can use the Content Warning Sound Player by highlighting the effect you want to play then pressing the left mouse button. It doesn’t require batteries, so you can use the Sound Player as much as you’d like.

The purpose of the Sound Player is to add sound effects to your videos as you’re filming. Choosing the right sound effect for each moment will play a big part in how much it will affect the performance of your next Spook Tube upload.

Keep in mind that some monsters in the Old World are sensitive to noise, so exercise caution when using the Sound Player.

And that’s everything we have on the Sound Player in Content Warning. For more on the co-op horror game, you can check out our guides on how to let random players join or how to host a Content Warning game.

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